Recent Sites
Storefront website design & development. Client had existing logo and photography, but the website needed a full overhaul to allow for better user experience, more information and visuals that matched the spirit of the company. This WooCommerce website includes subscriptions, extensive product variations, referral program, multiple integrations and a comprehensive blog and education component.
An existing WordPress blog that I extensively re-skinned to give a clean, current look that lets the photography shine. Extensive tracking and social sharing components.
Website conversation and update. This website was originally developed in a way that didn’t allow the team to quickly make changes or edit content in a way that fit their needs. I redeveloped the site, making design revisions along the way. The result is a fast, user-friendly site that is also flexible enough for the team to maintain on their own.
Website design & development of a complete storefront. Client had established branding (colors, typefaces, imagery) – my task was to take that and apply it to a website. This is a full WooCommerce site, including a wholesale background and many integrations.
WordPress website design & development on a tight timeline. This site had to go up in, well, a weekend. The client had limited resources, but a hard trade show deadline. The site was ready and functioning perfectly for their needs, right on time.
Long-form home page design & development. I was responsible for all of the Click & Co web properties except for Click Pro, including a VBforum, BigCommerce store and IPB forum. All sites involved many integrations including video tools, forum connections, complex social and campaign tracking, etc.
Website design & development of a WooCommerce catalog-based questionnaire / product match system. Visually I only had the logo to go by, but we knew we wanted a clean aesthetic, hence the icons and clean, bright color scheme. I developed the spreadsheets and logic required to run the search tool, as well as gathered and inserted product data on end detail pages.

Several other sister sites were developed for this client as well. Each had existing general brand guidelines (logo, colors, typefaces). I created the home background videos and translated the designs to web:
Development of an entirely Hubspot website. This site came to as home and inside page designs. I built custom, hyper-flexible Hubspot modules to allow for a rapid buildout. This allowed the team to completely re-skin the entire site in a very short turnaround dictated by a looming buyout finalization.
Design & development of WordPress website. Some page layouts were heavily dictated by the internal team, but home and network pages were entirely under my control.
Design and development of WordPress website with many integrations and multiple languages. Home page was an existing design, which I took to build out the remaining pages.